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District Leader Description

Responsibilities of a District Leader:

  • Attend monthly meetings of the Scarsdale Democrats where DL's typically meet in a small group with elected officials including Congressmen, State Senators and Representatives, Judges, and County Legislators and leaders.

  • Go door-to-door 2-3x per year in your local neighborhood to collect the signatures Democratic candidates need to get on the ballot in both primaries and general elections. 

  • Actively campaign for Democratic candidates, for example via lawn signs, pamphleting, canvassing alongside candidates for office. 

  • Participate in the Annual Convention of the Westchester County Democratic Party, where Democrats from across the county come together to choose the party platform and select nominees.

For more information about becoming a District Leader or to apply to be nominated, email:

Scarsdale Democratic Party Chair Myra Saul at

Shelly Mayer.jpeg

The core of the New York State Democratic Party is local elected District Leaders. District Leaders  are the nexus between their immediate neighborhood and our Scarsdale community and the national, state, and local Democratic Party. District Leaders get Democrats on the ballot and help Democrats get elected. DL's help shape the Democratic party, helping to vet, endorse, and guide candidates and craft party  platforms.

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